Church of the Deaf – A Documentary Short

Come inside the Crusselle-Freeman Church of the Deaf in Southwest Atlanta to discover how people with hearing disabilities express their faith, share fellowship, and worship each Sunday.

This documentary was shot in one day with an iPhone 4 and a homemade slider and fig rig. Editing was done with Apple Final Cut Pro 7.

Michael Perkins has produced several documentaries to date, ranging in subject from musical improvisers (“On the Fly”) to supercross teams (“The Highest Level”) to universal Pre-K programs (“First Come, First Served”). He is currently in production of two documentaries: PCW, a film about a small professional wrestling troupe that explores whether professional wrestling is art, and “I Work with the Dead,” a film about the people who work with cadavers everyday and how it affects their lives.

Perkins is an active member of The International Documentary Association and the Atlanta chapter of the Jaycees.

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