Muni-Monday! Electric Vehicle Parking

by Candace Garcia

It’s official! Well, it has been for a while. Georgia residents have bought more electric vehicles (EV) than any of the other 49 states, particularly California! And Atlanta is the number one city in the country for its residents to purchase electric vehicles. But what does that even mean? What I believe it means, after several hours of research and web surfing and what not, is that the tax incentives are really good. And that’s about it. Oh, and suburbanites don’t believe that we are entering a serious transportation meltdown with non-stop gridlock. I’m talking Snowpocalype gridlock. Remember?


But never mind all that now. All these electric vehicles are a step in the right direction, even if that mean’s a skewed-to-the-right direction. My kid will be less likely to develop asthma due to less particulate matter in the air thanks to these tax incentives and the people that bought the electric vehicles.

I understand that these new cousins of the American Dream need to “fill ‘er up” after so many miles, but where they go to do it is still somewhat unclear. The answer is at, where there is a comprehensive list of electric vehicle charging stations across the country. But here in Atlanta, we aren’t too worried about the whole country; we are worried about our City and what the local government is doing to assist with the proliferation of said electric vehicle charging stations. Well, strap on your ADHD and read the code below! Or you could just read the next line:

Every developer is obligated by law to install one EV charger for every 100 parking spots.

That’s it. But there can’t be more than 12… which is weird. I wonder why 12?? Whatever.

The code and the ordinance number are below. Happy filling! 


Sec. 16-18O.022. – Off-street parking requirements.

  1. Electricvehiclecharging stations. All automobile parking facilities shall include electric vehicle charging stations in a ratio of at least one station for every 100 automobile parking spaces. No development shall be required to exceed a maximum of 12 spaces.


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