The Tirade Tyrant and the Coffee Shop!

by the Tirade Tyrant

In an Atlanta coffee shop is where this rant begins. I only went to the coffee shop because I had no choice due to peer pressure to “give it another shot.” I did. I’m done. I hope this place goes out of business one day.

I remember when I was a regular at the coffee shop; when I first moved to Atlanta. Every morning I would walk in and every morning I get the same vacant stare like I was talking to the lead character from the movie Memento. They never remembered who I was. Which is fine. But they didn’t have to be consistent assholes on top of it. Even the owner chick is kind of a vapid individual from what I can tell.

During this last time, I received the same vacant stares and the same hipster “over it” mentality from the employees. The coffee still sucks and it’s too acidic with perhaps a taste a bit of burnt dog shit. In fact, they should change the name of this place to “Dog Shit.”

The Wi-Fi is free, unfortunately, and due to that you get a bunch of 20 something lost souls escaping their asshole roommates for 10 hours and buy one cup of coffee. The pathetic hipster-30-somethings are worse, conducting their wanna-be start-ups from their laptops and taking advantage of all the tables because they truly have nowhere to go. To add to the misery, there seems to always be some chick with her shoes off and her feet up on a chair or, worse, sprawled out on a couch.

 The place feels like a friggin’ library. I took my brother in there for a cup and some conversation and we got stares from all the old hipster jerk-offs for talking too loud (which was very low) and felt the need to leave.

I’ve had it with that place.

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