Why are the Falcons So Full of It?

by David Benoit

I recently watched this amazing new bullshit video released by the Falcons this morning.

I was going to roll with the typical Thursday Lunchtime Linkage, but I thought I would take a different approach today and call out our recently publicly-subsidized Falcons. Some things you should note as you watch:

1. Take a look at this picture. First off, why is the NYC World Trade Center in Atlanta? Second, why are there houses on top of Centennial Olympic Park? Third, exactly where is that city landscape in the left background? Is this Blade Runner Atlanta?


2. Why are there only white people in the boxes?

3. Look at all that parking on the grass where the old Georgia Dome used to be.

4. From what direction am I supposed to be look at this landscape? The south?

I don’t know about you guys, but the Falcons should take a step back and figure out what city they are really building our stadium in. But thanks for the bike lanes.

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