We Have Come to Play!

Mark this as the day that you never even knew was here! The reason, you ask? Not that you care much because only a select few of you will ever see this first posting, but it’s our first ever blog for My Darling Atlanta! I know… I know… who cares about another self absorbed blog for a city that tries to love is, only for us to push it away like we have some heavy daddy issues? Well, for the sheer fact that we have something to say and no one listens. So now we want you to listen and to throw it out into the wide open were we can have your absolute confirmation that we may be, in fact, beautiful and unique snowflakes!

What you will read in this blog are conversations that you already have. You complain about the the world, admire those that can achieve, or perhaps you’re ecstatic about a beautiful humidless day where upon entering the interstate you can increase your speed to 90mph without the hinderance of an asshole Mercedes with a Cobb County tag. This is a place where we salute and celebrate the sweet and the sour with our menial lives in another American meglopolis

So stare into those cell phones, harmonize a glare void of jejune epiphany yet with the banality of an MTV dating show and please enjoy out rants and raves!


My Darling Atlanta Cast and Crew

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