We here at My Darling Atlanta are a loose collective of interested citizens. We love the City. We hate the City. We live in the city.

​We decided to begin this blog on a whim after countless hours of sharing stories of our dreams, aspirations, hopes, wonders, illusions and—above all else—our sporadic disenchantment of being a part of a the second wave of a lost generation in a still uncertain economic time.

We are passionate about our lives and our coexistence amongst fellow Atlantans, but we don’t withhold from voicing all that may get in our way. Our professions vary from the financial professionals to the servers, the blue-collar workers, the public employees and homemakers. We hope you all will read along and tell us what you think.

Please direct all submissions and article pitches to MyDarlingAtlanta[at]gmail[dot]com.

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  1. I grew – up in Atlanta in the sixties and seventies, the “good years” but we were too naive to realize it. We had GOOD live music in the park…Piedmont Park, that is. We had Middle Earth, and we had fair to middlin’ drugs, not NYC, or SFC, but good enough to get a good buzz. We had the strip, places on 14th St., the numbers of which I can no longer remember, in spite of my correct grammar. All the joy, fun, heart – ache, and love that I keep in heart for those days, there are so many things I can no longer remember because of those “fair to middlin’ drugs.” I suppose I’m lucky I’m still alive, aware, compus mentis, but, at the same time, I haven’t “made a mark.” by the standards of those days. I’ve been blessed with 4 beautiful sons, but that’s been the summit of my accomplishment. Somewhat pitiful by an advant-gardest of those days. Too Freakin’ bad. I miss MY city, and I hate, as always, what the “powers that be” have raped it of…beginning with Colony Square on Peachtree.


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